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The strengths of cold forging unibody type pure aluminium heat sinks

2013/6/11      view:

The strengths of cold forging unibody type pure aluminium heat sinks

1、Superior cooling performance

a、The raw material of cold forging unibody heatsink is 1070 pure aluminium, the thermal conductivity is 226 W/m.K, after the forging process, the product structure is more tight. The thickness of the fins can reach to 0.7mm which increases the heat dissipation superficial area of the product greatly.

b、While, the same unibody type heatsink but made by die casting, the thermal conductivity is merely 96 W/m.K, the fins can’t too more and too thin either.

c、As to the aluminium extrusion heatsink, the thermal conductivity is merely from 155 to 200 W/m.K, and it is split-type, the joint have huge impact of the heat conduction performance, which result in the cooling efficiency reduced by 30 percent even more.

2、Economize the product’s cost, improve product's service life

We made a comparison among the aluminium extrusion heatsink, die casting heatsink and cold forging unibody heatsink:

①、In the addition of the same size and shape, the cold forging unibody heatsink can be applied on bigger power appliancethan the other 2 heatsinks. For example, the common aluminium extrusion heatsink can be only used for cooling the 3Watts LED, but our heatsink can be used for cooling 5Watts . If the common heatsink applied on the cooling of 5Watts, the material and size must be added, the cost will higher than the cold forging unibody heatsink much more.

②、The more worthy of praise, if you put our heatsink and common heatsink on the same power LED respectively, you can find that own to the excellent radiation capacity of cold forging heatsink, the surface temperature of the LED is sharply lower than the others, which expanded the service life of the appliance obviously.

3、Appearance texture superexcellence

The surface of this new type heatsink can be taken anodic treatment, but the die-casting products can’t be treated with such technique but baking finish, due to expansion caused by heat and contraction caused by cold, the paint may split away off little by little, on the other hand, the paint will restrain the radiation and diffusion of the heat, which not only affect the appearance texture but also reduce the cooling efficiency.